TEHRAN, The Yemen Media Union (YMU) honored on Monday a number of Iranian media leaders for their efforts in supporting the Yemeni people in the face of aggression and siege.

The Director of Media speaking in Foreign Languages in Iran, Dr. Biman Jebali, expressed thank in behalf of the Union for this gesture by honoring a number of Iranian media supporters of the Yemeni cause, stressing his pride in the steadfastness showed by the Yemeni people in the face of aggression.

Jebali said during his honoring by the foreign relations member of the Union, Dr. Abdulrahman Rajeh, that the and defense of Yemen today is a defense of humanity.

He called upon all honorable people to exert more efforts to show the grievance of Yemen and expose the crimes committed by the US-saudi aggression coalition against the Yemeni people.

"The channels and radio stations of the Iranian Television Foundation speaking in all Arabic, English, French, Spanish languages and other languages believe that it is their religious, humanitarian and professional duty to cover what is happening in Yemen, especially in light of the difficult humanitarian situation caused by the aggression," he said.

He pointed out that these channels and radio stations seek to uncover the truth without falsification in light of the media blackout imposed by the forces of aggression and arrogance to continue their in-daily-basis crimes in Yemen and misinformation about what is happening.

In the same context, the Union of Yemeni Journalists honored the director of Al-Alam news channel Dr. Ali Salehi in recognition of the channel's role in showing the grievance of Yemen.

During the ceremony, Salehi stressed that the aim of the channel is to show the truth as it is to the world about what is happening in Yemen. "What is happening in Yemen is a crime against humanity and the Yemenis have shown a strong steadfastness in the face of aggression," he said.

The union honored a number of media personalities in Al-Alam channel, including the Lebanese media Abeer Mansour Sarhan, who had a humanitarian attitude towards the massacres committed against the Yemeni people, the last of which was the massacre targeting a school girl in Sawan, Sanaa.

The Iranian media staff expressed thanks for this gesture from the leadership of the Union of Yemeni Media, wishing Yemen victory and stop the aggression as soon as possible to return to normal life.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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