Youth Minister reshapes School Sports Union

SANAA, Youth and Sports Minister Hassan Mohammed Zaid has re-formed the School Sports Union headed by Saad Mahdi al-Dhubaibi.
The decree included appointing Ahmed Abd al-Nabi as a vice president and Amat al-Salam al-Faqih as a secretary-general, Adel al-Zurqah as an assistant secretary-general, Najat al-Ansi as a responsible for women’s activities, Kamal al-Omari as a financial officer, Ahmed al-Raimi as a public relation officer, Fatima al-Shami as a technical official, and Jamal Al-Khawlani as a media official.
The reformation comes with the aim of activating the School Sports Union in highlighting, developing and discovering talents in various fields.

Source: Yemen News Agency