SANAA, The Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) on Friday announced the state of full alert in its facilities and all its branches in various provinces of the Republic to receive vessels of oil derivatives, which began access to Hodeidah port to unload them at the shortest possible time.

The company said in a statement obtained by the Yemeni news agency (Saba) a copy of it that the first oil vessel among the ten vessels, that have been detained for more than a month, arrived at the port of Hodeidah carrying about thirty thousand tons of diesel.

The statement pointed out that the company and its branches and facilities are preparing plans and programs to supply and unload the largest possible amount of oil derivatives to meet the needs of the local market and contain the manifestations of the crisis suffered by all vital sectors like: hospitals and health centers, mills, projects, water stations and others.

The company confirmed that it has received the quantities, despite the fact that it was so little while 90% of it represent a diesel, although the biggest need was for gasoline.

It affirmed that the quantity will be distributed during the next two days at official prices after being checked and ensure compliance with specifications.

The company stressed that it is continuing in its procedures to control the black market and confiscate the seized quantities.

The statement said that the company is still continuing its escalatory measures, including holding marches sit-in camps in front of the United Nations building in capital Sanaa, until the lifting of the blockade of oil vessels and the end of the arbitrarily detention of oil derivatives vessels forever.

It thanked all the vital sectors, trade unions, civil society organizations and the local and international media which have contributed actively to all the measures adopted by the Yemen Petroleum Company, including press conferences, marches, vigils and sit-ins in front of the United Nations building, and that helped to exert great pressure on the coalition forces and their tools to release the detained vessels.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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