SANAA, The Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) on Sunday held the so-called Aden economic commission, the legal and moral responsibility for all the consequences of the continued detention of vessels of oil derivatives and prolong the crisis and the suffering of the Yemeni people.

The company explained that the statement of the General Union of Oil Importers confirmed that that commission lacks the minimum standards of national and humanitarian responsibility and represents a tool of crime to destroy the national economy.

In a statement obtained by the Saba news agency, the company said that the union's statement removed a lot of ambiguity for some observers at home and abroad over the actual reality that the importers are experiencing, starting with the reasons that led them to declare their anger toward that commission, which summarized the arbitrary procedures Illegal which escalate from day to day.

The company said that the statement of the union revealed the lack of national sense in the Aden Commission as it represents a crime tool in the hands of the coalition countries, oil and influential, black market brokers and money laundering.

The statement pointed to the efforts of the General Union of Oil Importers with the intermediaries and through correspondence with the Aden commission itself through its official website and providing all the legal documents of such shipments, including SWIFT.

The statement confirmed that all shipments of oil derivatives on the seized vessels were shipped from UAE ports and through UAE companies and those of Saudi Arabia and not from Iran, as the commission claims.

The statement also referred to the results of the negotiations which resulted in the commitment of the commission to launch the vessels of oil derivatives in full as a gesture of good faith and to complete the understandings immediately after the entry of all the detained vessels to the port of Hodeidah.

The statement said that the Commission did not fulfill its obligations to launch all the vessels that were detained.

Four days later, four of the 10 oil vessels were announced. However, days after that announcement, one ship only arrived at Hodeidah which does not meet the needs of citizens for three days in light of the crisis created by the Aden Commission.

It added that the confirmation of importers added that all the vessels being detained were shipped from the ports of the UAE as required by importers themselves to ship their shipments on ships that have not entered the ports of Iran.

"That represents a gallows created for the commission early on the day, when it had stated that the ships are carrying prohibited materials and smuggled from Iran," it said.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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