YPC organizes press conference over detaining oil ships

HODEIDA, Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) has organized a press conference at Hodeida port to review the repercussions of the continued detention of oil ships by the US-Saudi-aggression coalition.

In the conference held at the commercial dock in front of the ship “Damas”, which arrived on Saturday at the port, acting Governor Mohammad Qahim confirmed that the detention of oil vessels is a clear violation of the Sweden ceasefire agreement and its provisions.

Qahim said that the silence of the United Nations encouraged the countries of the aggression coalition to commit more violations, expressing regret that the redeployment team in Hodeida has not reported any violations or crimes committed by the aggression countries.

The release of the tanker “Damas” comes after being held for 200 days at sea off Jizan region despite having a UN entry permit, the executive director of Yemen Petroleum Company Eng. Ammar al-Adhru’ai said.

He explained that the company staged more than 550 protests in front of the United Nations office to demand the release of oil ships.

“19 ships are still detained by the aggression coalition carrying 232,955 tons of gasoline, 176,574 tons of diesel, 16,356 tons of domestic gas, and 40,502 tons of Mazut.”

Al-Adhru’ai said pointed out that more than 50 percent of the state’s service sectors had collapsed, indicating that only 12 percent of the actual fuel need has been released in the last 145 days.

He indicated that a World Food Program (WFP) ship would arrive within few days carrying $1.4 million aid to the Yemeni people.

Source: Yemen News Agency