YPC warns of impending humanitarian disaster due to holding oil vessels

SANAA, The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) warned of a humanitarian disaster during the coming days in light of lack of petroleum materials as a result of holding oil derivatives vessels by the aggression coalition.

The seizure of oil vessels will lead to a major humanitarian disaster in the coming days, which the world has never seen before, said Ameen al-Shabati, spokesman of the company.

He explained that the lack of sufficient petroleum materials means the complete cessation of all vital sectors that provide basic services to citizens.

For his part, YPC's Executive Director Yasser al-Wahedi said the oil tanker, which recently entered the port of Hodeidah, was enough for only five days.

Al-Wahedi confirmed that there is no trend to raise the prices of oil derivatives, adding the case of oil ships entered the port of Hodeidah, the company would work to end the crisis within 24 hours.

This came during a press conference held this afternoon in front of the United Nations office in the capital Sanaa.

Source: Yemen News Agency