SANAA, The Yemeni Scholars Association (YSA) on Saturday condemned the brutal crime against worshipers in two mosques for Muslims in New Zealand, which killed dozens of martyrs and wounded.

The Association stressed in a statement obtained by the Saba news agency that it rejects all forms of terrorism, pointing out that criminality and brutality is not a religion and expresses only its sponsors and those who support them or try to mobilize their minds with extremist ideas against the other, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.

The statement pointed out that this crime reflects the extent of brutality carried by the criminals and at the same time reflect the extent of hatred carried by the extreme right against Muslims in Western countries.

The Association denounced the double standards and contradictions attitudes toward terrorism and criminality against humanity, whether against Muslims in New Zealand or in Yemen or in Gaza, which was launched by the Zionist terror planes yesterday, a hundred raids, as well as Yemen, which is bombed over four years by US-Saudi aircraft.

In its statement, the Association blamed the New Zealand government and other countries, which should provide protecting for Muslims, respecting their rights, confronting extremists and reducing hatred against Islam and Muslims.

The statement considered the Saudi regime and Zionist entity hold full responsible for the crimes committed against the Yemeni and Palestinian people.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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