Zarif congratulates on president election: To witness birth of new accomplishment, the cabinet formation

Outgoing Prime Minister Tammam Salam welcomed on Tuesday at his Mousaytbeh residence Iran's Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammed Jawad Zarif accompanied with the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon Mohammed FathAli and the accompanying delegation.

Following the meeting, Zarif congratulated the Lebanese people on the election of a new President and the achievement of this accomplishment, saying "God May, we would witness another accomplishment which is the formation of a new Lebanese cabinet."

Zarif added that he informed outgoing Prime Minister Tammam Salam about his country's support to the constructive political approach in Lebanon, underscoring Iran's intentions to fortify and strengthen cooperation between Lebanon and Iran over all fields, especially the economic and trade ones.

Zarif added that they also discussed the political crises in the region, especially those in Syria and Yemen and confirmed the need to immediately end bloodshed in both countries and to reach an appropriate political solution.

Separately, Salam welcomed vice Prime Minister-Designate Defense Minister Samir Mokbel with talks reportedly featuring high on latest situation and developments.

Source: National News Agency.