ACI Collaborates with RJ for Enhanced Air Transport Solutions

Amman: Industrial chambers are committed to utilizing the Royal Jordanian (RJ) as the official carrier for all foreign engagements involving its members, reiterated President of the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI), Fathi Jaghbir. In a meeting with RJ's CEO, Samer Majali, Jaghbir underscored the chambers' eagerness to collaborate with the airline across various domains for mutual benefit. In a statement released by the ACI on Monday, Jaghbir emphasized the chambers' anticipation for RJ to serve as a proactive ambassador for Jordanian industrial goods, leveraging its presence onboard flights and facilitating the transportation of Jordanian products worldwide through its air freight services. Majali, elucidating RJ's stance, expressed the airline's commitment to prioritize Jordanian products in its procurement processes, particularly in the provisioning of services and amenities along its routes. He highlighted that a significant portion of the services offered by RJ originates from Jordan. With regards to t he logistics of shipping Jordanian merchandise, Majali outlined RJ's ongoing efforts to modernize its aircraft fleet. This modernization drive aims to enhance the airline's competitiveness in terms of pricing and efficiency for transporting goods and commodities. The ACI recently formalized a partnership with RJ, encompassing a comprehensive discounts agreement. This agreement extends benefits, including discounted rates and privileges, to members of the ACI's Board of Directors, employees, guests of the Chamber, as well as members of the General Authority. Source: Jordan News Agency