Al-Qasimi:National Coffee Day activities in Yemen include planting 2 million coffee seedlings

The official of the coffee unit in the Supreme Agricultural and Fisheries Committee, Muhammad Al-Qasimi, confirmed that the activities of the National Coffee Cultivation Day in Yemen include many development programs, most notably the planting of 2 million coffee seedlings in various Yemeni provinces. At the conclusion of two training courses at the headquarters of the National Coffee Auction today in Sana'a, in the field of coffee tasting, as part of a training, introductory and cultural program for specialty coffee, organized in two days by the Coffee Unit in the Supreme Agricultural and Fisheries Committee in cooperation with the National Yemeni Coffee Laboratory, Al-Qasimi pointed out that Yemen is the first source of coffee. A large number of people live by growing coffee. He stated that these activities come within the framework of celebrations of the National Day of Yemeni Coffee Cultivation, which falls on March 3 of each year. The two courses aimed to train 20 male and female trainees, young men , those interested in the field of coffee, and to provide them with skills related to the properties, characteristics, varieties and types of coffee. Yemeni coffee belongs to "Arabic coffee class", and it is one of the finest types of coffee in the world, and occupies the first places in terms of quality. Coffee is classified as an important agricultural cash crop because it generates huge profits that exceed the costs of production inputs, in addition to its contribution to supporting the national economy with hard and foreign currencies from the proceeds of its export to most world markets. In conclusion, the trainees were honored with certificates of participation from the National Yemeni Coffee Laboratory. Source: Yemen News Agency