Concluding course in airline ticket reservations field at Institute of Civil Aviation and Meteorology

The Institute of Civil Aviation and Meteorology in Sana'a concluded today,Sunday, the first training course on airline reservations and tickets. Over a period of ten days, the course aimed to provide 13 male and female trainees from travel companies and agencies operating in Sana'a with basic concepts, knowledge and skills in the field of aviation, reservations, issuing tickets with accuracy and high professional competence, managing reservations and making changes as needed, as well as meeting special travel needs and solving any problems that may arise. At the conclusion, which was attended by the Director of Air Transport at the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority, Dr. Mazen Ghanem, the Dean of the Institute of Civil Aviation and Meteorology, Dr. Naji Al-Sahmi, stressed the importance of holding the course and its positive results in the field of civil aviation. He pointed out that this is the first course, followed by other courses within the institute's training plan for the current year 2024 AD. Source: Yemen News Agency