Disabled Fund launches second phase of project to disburse prosthetic devices and medical supplies at two billion riyals cost

The Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Fund launched the second phase of the project to disburse prosthetic devices, medical supplies and educational aids to people with disabilities at a cost of two billion riyals in Sana'a. The project contains wheelchairs, artificial limbs, mobility aids, headphones, medical supplies, and educational aids.' At the inauguration, the Caretaker Minister of Social Affairs and Labor - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Obaid bin Dubie, pointed out the importance of inaugurating the project, which benefits thousands of people with special needs. Minister Bin Dubie pointed out that caring for and rehabilitating the disabled category is a collective responsibility that falls on government agencies, in accordance with the National Strategy for Persons with Disabilities, which specifies the tasks and duties of each agency towards people with disabilities. For his part, Caretaker Minister of Civil Service and Insurance, S alim Al-Mughalis, praised the greatness of the humanitarian and charitable project carried out by the Disabled Fund in the last ten days of Ramadan, with an amount of two billion riyals, benefiting the disabled in the capital and provinces. He praised the level of services and the discipline of the staff working at the Disabled Fund and their efforts in providing services to the segment of people with special needs. For his part, President of the National Union of the Disabled, Abdullah Bunyan, considered the inauguration of the project, which includes multiple services, a positive initiative in light of the suffering that people with disabilities are experiencing due to the aggression and siege. He appreciated the efforts of the Fund's leadership in improving the provision of various services to people with disabilities and field visits to the provinces to touch on the needs of people with disabilities there , provide services to them and to the associations working in them. Source: Yemen News Agency