Ending training course to raise awareness of aggression remnants’ dangers in Hodeida

A training course to raise awareness of the dangers of aggression remnants was concluded in Al-Hodeida, organized by the Executive Center for Mine Action with the support of UNICEF.

The five-day course, in coordination with the Humanitarian Affairs Council, aimed to provide 41 trainees from the districts of Al-Durayhimi, Al-Hali, Al-Hawak, Al-Tuhaita, Bayt al-Faqih, and Al-Jarrahi, with the skills of delivering awareness messages about the dangers of foreign bodies and dealing with them.

In conclusion, the Undersecretary of the Governorate for Services Affairs, Muhammad Hulaisi, pointed out the importance of the course to enhance awareness aspects in the districts affected by the remnants of the aggression to reduce their risks.

He indicated that these remnants that claim the lives of civilians require concerted efforts to intensify awareness in the targeted areas.

The branch of the director of the Executive Center for Mine Action in the governorate, Colonel Yahya Sabr stressed the importance of the role of the participants in spreading awareness to citizens, as this is no less important than the efforts made by workers to remove these hazardous wastes.

While the supervisor of the awareness teams in the province, Abdel Fattah Al-Madwahi, touched on the humanitarian role of the awareness team among the community as a result of the danger that threatens the lives of many residents, pointing to the importance of applying the information they received during the 40-day awareness campaign.

Source: Yemen News Agency