ICT Advancements and Cybersecurity Initiatives: Q1 Achievements and Challenges

Jordan's strides in modernizing its economy through ICT initiatives were highlighted in a recent report, which also outlined challenges faced during the first quarter of 2024. The report, accessible on the Prime Ministry's website, cited the completion of a platform to test and regulate revolutionary technologies as a notable achievement. In efforts to establish and run government service centers, locations were earmarked for various centers, including Aqaba Shamil, Aqaba Justice, Tafila, Karak, Ma'an, and Justice Rehabilitation Centers. Additionally, a pilot center was launched in Aqaba Services - Justice in January 2024, with further plans to solicit offers for designing buildings in Aqaba Shamil, Ma'an, and Karak. Activities are ongoing to equip the Tafila Services Center, with work already underway on the Abdali Justice Center's rehabilitation and performance monitoring system activation. Preparations are also in motion for a redundant data center to support shared services and hosting, alongside adva ncing the national billing system's second phase. Under the "Youth, Technology, and Jobs" initiative, partnerships with 22 companies were solidified to support them through the Jordan Growth Project "Kafaat." Additionally, 7 companies received support for expansion through the Jordan Business Growth Activity. Notably, 48 startup companies were selected for support. However, delays in project implementation within the digital systems' development priority were noted due to procurement processes and company response time. In the creative industries sector, significant progress was seen in the gaming and e-sports center construction in Amman, with ongoing efforts to equip the center. Plans are also in place for a specialized training center in Aqaba, part of the Innovation Village development. Challenges in this sector include procurement delays due to a lack of qualified companies, necessitating project re-offers. In cybersecurity, efforts to enhance national cybersecurity included implementing projects li ke "NDR" and "EDR" for government institutions, as well as improving cyber protection through various means. National cybersecurity governance initiatives are underway, including preparations for a Cybersecurity Excellence Award, drafting licensing systems for service providers, and educational awareness activities. These initiatives showcase Jordan's commitment to advancing its ICT infrastructure while addressing pertinent challenges. Source: Jordan News Agency