JCD foils attempt to smuggle 73.5k Captagon pills at Jaber crossing

Jordan Customs Department (JCD) agents working at Jaber border crossing, in cooperation with the security departments and Anti-Narcotics Department (AND), foiled an attempt to smuggle 73,500 Captagon pills in two separate cases. In the first case, the customs personnel working at the Jaber border crossing successfully thwarted smuggling of 38,500 Captagon pills carried by a passenger from a neighboring country, which were concealed for smuggling purposes, the JCD said in a statement Tuesday. The JCD noted the suspect was "thoroughly" searched and the customs workers found the narcotic quantity in his possession. In another case in the same border post, a quantity of 35,000 Captagon pills was seized, concealed in a passenger bus coming from a neighboring country, which was thoroughly searched and the seized quantity was hidden secretly. Additionally, the JCD noted its agents are working in all Jordan's border customs centers, in cooperation with the security agencies and the AND, to combat smuggling of the se narcotic substances into the KIngdom, as part of their duties to protect the citizen and the economy. Source: Jordan News Agency