Jordanian-Kuwaiti ties a “model” for pan-Arab cooperation-Jaghbir

Head of Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI), Fathi Jaghbir, said Jordanian-Kuwaiti relations are a "model" in terms of joint pan-Arab cooperation and "brotherly, close, historic" political and economic ties. In a statement Tuesday, Jaghbir affirmed "strength" of the bilateral economic ties, as Kuwaiti investments in Jordan are the "largest" at the Arab and foreign level with a value standing at about $20 billion, focused on several sectors, primarily tourism, extractive industry, banking, telecommunications, real estate and transportation. At the level of trade relations, Jaghbir indicated that national exports to Kuwait recorded a growth of 7.1% during the year 2023, reaching about $182 million, while Jordan's imports from Kuwait in the same year amounted to about $66 million. Jordan has multiple "promising, unexploited" export opportunities to the Kuwaiti market with a total value of up to $40 million, as the products with the "greatest" export potential come from the agricultural, food and pharmaceutical in dustries, according to official estimates. Source: Jordan News Agency