Mohammed Abdulsalam: There is new formula and rules that have been put forward in salary file

The head of the National Delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, said, in a statement to Almasirah, Sunday, that since the end of the truce, the National Delegation has held intensive discussions with several parties.

In a statement to Al-Masirah channel today, the head of the national delegation confirmed that one of the most prominent achievements of the year 2022 was the armistice that led to ending the oil derivatives crisis that the Yemeni people were suffering from.

He indicated that the opening of Sana'a International Airport, although it was for one destination, was a breakthrough for many Patients, merchants and travelers.

Abdulsalam noted that talking about permanent ceasefire must be met with permanent lifting of siege, the payment of salaries, and the departure of the occupier, stressing that we cannot go to political dialogue in light of a complex humanitarian and economic crisis. The head of the National Delegation warned of any economic measures targeting our country that might turn the tables and bring us back to square one.

Abdulsalam stressed the need to separate the humanitarian issue from military conflict, indicating that Sana'a's demands a solution to all Yemenis, without exception, throughout the territory of Yemen.

Abdulsalam linked any progress in the negotiations to progress in the humanitarian issue represented in the payment of salaries and the opening of airports and ports, stressing that the salary issue must be separated in all circumstances.

He pointed that Omani Delegation's meetings discussed humanitarian and military truce, paying employees, enhancing opportunities of ending the aggression and lifting siege.

The head of National Delegation welcomed the Omani efforts related to the payment of salaries, the opening of Sana'a airport and port of Hodeidah and entering into a real truce. He pointed that UN was informed with the outcomes of discussions that were taken which are related to paying salaries and opening Sana'a airport and Hoeidah port.

The aim of the Omani delegation's visit to Sana'a is to consult with the leadership on developments related to the truce and the UN-envoy's suggestions on humanitarian and economic issues.

Source: Yemen News Agency