Palestinians accuse Israel of attempting to create ‘cycle of violence’ in West Bank

Ramallah: The Palestinian Foreign Ministry Sunday said the ruling Israeli right is "dragging the West Bank into a spiral of violence and chaos to facilitate the implementation of its expansionist colonial and settlement projects." According to a statement, the Ministry said the Israeli right seeks to create favourable climates for displacing Palestinians, accusing the Israeli government of attempting to do in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem what it is doing in Gaza to stay in power. The Ministry condemned what it described as the Israeli colonialist militia's brutal attack last night and at dawn today against defenceless Palestinians in the village of Burqa, east of Ramallah, with the support of the Israeli army. It stated that the Israeli army is imposing a series of collective punishments and restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the village. The Ministry said the Israeli government is perpetuating its "apartheid" by building roads for illegal Jewish colonisers in the occupied Palestinian Territories and forcing Palestinian land owners to use alternative roads that are often dangerous, unusable and riddled with military checkpoints. Source: Jordan News Agency