Revolution leader warns Israel, US, Britain that what is coming is greater

Revolution leader Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi on Thursday revealed important and amazing changes in the path of developing the Yemeni Armed Forces' capabilities allowing implementing qualitative and shocking operations against the enemy. In a speech he delivered over the latest developments and updates on the Yemeni, Palestinian and regional arena, Sayyed al-Houthi warned the Israeli, American, British and all enemies that what is coming is greater in every sense of the word, adding all they must do is end their aggression, lift their siege, and stop the crimes of genocide against Gaza. Al-Houthi said "What is coming is greater and there are great signs. We suit the action to the word. The enemy, the friend, and our dear people will see the level of achievements of strategic importance that place our country in its capabilities among the limited and numbered countries in this world." The revolution leader called on the Yemeni people to take to al-Sabeen Square and other squares across Yemen tom orrow. The leadersaid 'I call on our people by the call of Allah , the call of the Qur'an and al-Aqsa, and by call on the Palestinian people to go out in the millions tomorrow in al-Sabeen Square and the rest of the squares, in solidarity with Palestine and its cause.' Sayyed al-Houthi added that taking to the streets is part of Jihad and expresses loyalty, values, morals, and humanity with the people of Palestine. He explained that taking to the streets will deeply express true solidarity with the Palestinian people and reflect steadfastness and continuity against the enemy's bet, claiming that it will be affected by the passage of time and forgetting the pivotal Palestinian issue. The Yemeni Front: The revolution leader said "The largest movement of the Yemeni people towards any issue they have faced is their movement to support the Palestinian people against the Israeli aggression on Gaza. Our Yemeni people have never moved with such a level of movement in demonstrations, rallies and various activitie s." He stated that the Yemeni people did not go out in al-Sabeen Square at the height of the US-Saudi aggression every week, but rather once or twice a year, but they moved in an unprecedented manner and with a sense of responsibility towards the oppression of the Palestinian people. The revolution leader described the movement of the Yemeni people at the level of rehabilitation and mobilization as unprecedented compared to the previous stages in confronting the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression. He stated that the number of missiles that were launchedin naval operations and into occupied Palestine in the past 5 months is more than what was launched into Saudi Arabia and the UAE in eight years of aggression against Yemen. Al-Houthi stressedthat the momentum of the armed forces in their operations with drones, missiles, and naval forces is not comparable to any period during the years of aggression against the country. He went on to say, "We seek to do more with Palestine than we did for ourselves, our country, and our people, and our people moved to support the Palestinian cause more than they moved for their cause, themselves, and their oppression, including the armed forces moving with more effectiveness and momentum than before during the past stages." The revolution leader reiterated that the events that the Yemeni people went through made them rise in their awareness, their sense of responsibility, their capabilities, and their practical activity. The leader stressed that the enemies sought during the last stage to destroy everything that builds and develops the people, but they failed in their strategy. Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that the number of support operations for Gaza carried out from the beginning of the Battle of 'al-Aqsa Flood' until today amounted to 96 operations and 403 ballistic and winged missiles and drones were launched in the support operations for al-Aqsa Flood. He said that 61 ships were targeted in complex and puzzling operations for the enemies, as the ships move in the sea and far from the Yemeni coast, although there are occupied provinces that separate the missile force from the coast there, and operations are carried out in the Gulf of Aden. Al-Houthi added the remoteness of the ships, their technical and technical camouflage, and the deception in information have been overcome," considering that discovering the ships and hitting them accurately and with ballistic missiles for the first time is an achievement in every sense of the word. The revolution leader stated that there was a technical and tactical achievement and a major breakthrough that the Americans recognized, and the American military personnel expressed their astonishment. Al-Houthi pointed out that the number of operations carried out in the Red and Arab seas amounted to 64 operations, and the operations carried out in occupied Palestine amounted to 32 operations, indicating that the support operations carried out this week amounted to eight operations, during which seven ships were targeted with 19 missiles and a drone. He added "One of our most prominent operations from Friday to Thursday was targeting the American and Israeli ships and setting them on fire. New weapons were used in the recent operations, and the Americans and the British were surprised by the attacks." The revolution leader also confirmed that the enemies are unable to limit the operations despite their attempts, but they have failed in every sense of the word, and they are trying to distort the operations of the Yemeni armed forces. He considered the activities, rallies and demonstrations, which amounted to 2,539 and 26,770 activities, an essential part of the situation and integrated with the military operations, and a back and support for them, pointing out that the popular and community vigils amounted to 76,051 vigils, 148,299 student vigils in universities and schools, and 40,969 evening vigils. The leader stated that the number of women's activities and endowments amounted to 2,422, the central women's endowments amounte d to 232, the seminars reached 11,838, and 42 giving and spending convoys, including the movement and interaction of the Yemeni people, which is rarely matched by any people or any country in the world. Al-Houthi added "We applaud, motivate, and encourage everyone to take the necessary action that befits the level of responsibility and the extent of the oppression of the Palestinian people. In just two weeks, 358 marches and demonstrations took place, 3,032 events were held, and 5,372 popular vigils were held." He continued "Within two weeks, 6,939 student vigils were held in universities and schools, and 10,398 evenings," pointing out that the advantage of the Yemeni people's interaction is consistency and continuity, because the Arab situation is momentary interaction, then coldness and lack of a sense of responsibility. Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that boredom, apathy, and lack of interaction are a very unfortunate state that expresses a great weakness in the level of faith and awaren ess that a person carries, and a great responsibility towards the terrible crimes and unparalleled oppression of the Palestinian people. He stressed that continuity, steadfastness, and progressive work is what indicates faith, awareness, maturity, and wisdom, and expresses a sense of responsibility. He stressed the great importance of combat training and military qualification, and the courses continue and the outputs are many, as the combat courses reached more than 282,000 trainees during the period of the aggression on Gaza, the military parades reached 350,000, the maneuvers reached 719, and the military march reached 652 rallies. The leader explained that the American is continuing its aggression against Yemen to support the Israeli enemy and to protect the Israeli crime in Gaza. He pointed out that the American-British bombing during this week amounted to 18 raids and naval bombardments, all of which were failures and had no effect. The leader said that a citizen was martyred and six others were in jured in the American-British aggression during this stage. The revolution leader indicated that there have been 344 raids and naval bombardments since the beginning of the American-British aggression against Yemen, all of which have failed and will not limit Yemeni capabilities. He stressed that there is a successful, rapidly increasing path in developing military capabilities of Yemen. He said "There are important and amazing results, thank Allah, in developing military capabilities and the speed of achievement. At the beginning of the American-Saudi aggression against our country, the missile range was approximately 40-45 kilometers, then it reached a level of more than a thousand kilometers." Al-Houthi added "... at the level of range, superior accuracy in hitting, and destructive capacity, there is American astonishment, especially in yesterday's strike that hit an American ship. There is astonishment at the accuracy of the hit and the power of destruction." He also confirmed that there is a speedy progress than the American techniques through which it is trying to limit or confront the Yemeni military capabilities. The leader pointed out that the American failed in its aggression and will never reach a result, neither in limiting the capabilities, nor in stopping operations of Yemen. He stressed the only way to stop the Yemeni navy operations is to stop the aggression and lift the siege on Gaza. "Escalation will not benefit the enemies, but will have effects on them, and they will lose on the economic level. The heavy loss involves not only the Israeli enemy, but also the Americans and the British." , and the impact on their economic situation is increasing day by day.," he continued. Al-Houthi stated that the military cost for the enemies is high and the more they mobilize in the Red and Arab seas, the more it will cost them, stressing that the Yemeni people will continue to develop military capabilities under the care of the Almighty God. The continuation of the Zionist-American aggression: The revolution leader explained that the Israeli-American aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza continues for the 22nd week, relying on its brutal behavior with all means of extermination, and committing mass murder massacres with American bombs, mass starvation, and epidemics. The leader considered the Israeli-American crime in Gaza is a witnessed crime committed by the European-American Zionist enemy in full view of the peoples of the entire world. Al-Houthi pointed out that genocide crimes are being committed in Gaza in an era when Western countries present themselves as being at the peak of interest in values and morals. He pointed out that the crime of genocide that occurs daily in Gaza harms human society, and it is shameful to watch it and not take action to stop it, indicating that the enemy invents crimes in new forms in Gaza, targeting women and children and everyone who goes out to search for food. Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi confirmed that the Zionist enemy uses starvation as a direct means of extermination, and this happens daily, and it intends to kill hundreds of Palestinians when they gather to obtain limited food and humanitarian relief aid. Al-Houthi said "When Palestinians gather to get the meager meals dropped by planes, the enemy begins targeting and killing them, in front of hospitals, in schools, camps, and on the roads." Continuation of daily massacres: The revolution leader stated that the enemy increased the number of genocide crimes in Gaza during this week, with an average of at least seven massacres every 24 hours, including killing, famine, and disease, there is severe suffering for the Palestinian people for the continued stifling siege on the Gaza Strip. Al-Houthi stated that the Israeli enemy targets even the hungry people who go out to fish in the sea in the Gaza Strip, and it is shameful for human society to remain silent about the oppression of Gaza and suffice with condemnation and sympathy without practical steps to stop it. He held America fully responsible for the war crimes of genocide and starvation in Gaza, and the Israelis would not have been able to do what they did in Gaza without American support and its participation. Al-Houthi pointed out that the total amount of food supplies the American dropped did not amount to three or four truck loads, and with operational coordination with the enemy to kill anyone who gathered to obtain them. The Americans behave in an aggressive manner with the Palestinian people. He added "The American generously provided tens of thousands of bombs and tons of explosives to be dropped on the heads of Gaza residents. He, the American, comes to deliver a few meals to the Palestinians in Gaza, and is trying to provide the method of dropping food from the air as an alternative to the legitimate entitlement to entry of medicine and food." Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi pointed out that there are land and sea corridors through which aid can enter to satisfy the hunger of the people of Gaza, but the Americans prevent that, explaining that the meals dropped from the air, many of them reach the sea, and a little reaches the people, and they are not worth anything in front of the suffering faced by the residents of the Gaza Strip. Al-Houthi also confirmed that the American provided 100 free arms deals to the Israeli enemy while obstructing any serious move to bring food and medicine into Gaza as a means of torturing the Palestinian people, and there are more than seventy thousand tons of bombs and explosives that were thrown at the Palestinian people in their cities and homes. Health status: The revolution leader touched on the health situation in Gaza and its state of complete collapse, and the remaining hospitals suffering from a lack of fuel and medicine, indicating that there are some reports that speak of a million cases of infectious diseases among the people of Gaza without the availability of medicine. The leader stressed the failure of the American Zionist enemy to achieve its declared goals despite the great level of destruction, killing and starvation, pointing out that the resistance in the Gaza Strip is fighting on behalf of the entire nation. Enemy economic losses: Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi touched on the enemy's continuing and escalating economic losses, saying 'There is a very large depletion as a result of the costs of the war.' He pointed out that the Yemeni naval operations inflicted great economic losses on the Israeli enemy, and there is a common Israeli-American disappointment for not breaking the will of the Palestinian people and their fighters. Al-Houthi pointed out that the Zionists have no hope of achieving a decisive victory in Gaza, but rather they are arrogant and use the method of genocide and committing massacres. He mentioned that Zionist leaders talk about their goals of eliminating the resistance movements in Gaza as unrealistic and impossible to implement, indicating that the huge amount of Zionist crime, brutality, disgrace and dishonor expresses failure and dis appointment. Global position: The revolution leader reminded everyone of the unanimous global position on the criminality and brutality of what is happening in Gaza and the demands for a ceasefire, with the exception of America and Britain, stressing that the protest denouncing the direct American role in Gaza is escalating. Al-Houthi addressed the protests that Biden is facing in electoral forums among the masses over the American role in the aggression against Gaza, praising Brazil's position and the position of its president, which is clearer and bolder than the position of some Arab leaders. He appreciated the advanced positions of Colombia, its president, Venezuela, and South Africa and the practical measures they took in severing relations with the enemy, noting the positions of some non-Islamic countries that some regimes and rulers in the Arab and Islamic world did not reach. Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi pointed out that as a result of the failure and scandal, the Americans are moving under the title of a temporary truce in Ramadan instead of deserving of stopping the aggression and siege, indicating that the enemies want to continue their occupation of Gaza, and are seeking to use the title of truce to achieve military goals. Al-Houthi criticized the condemnatory positions of some Islamic countries regarding what is happening in Gaza through statements that are not sufficient and that pressing practical steps must be taken. Arab responsibility: The revolution leader highlighted the double responsibility that falls on the Arabs to support the Palestinian people, humanely and religiously, stressing that the Americans and the Israelis are a danger to the nation through the criminality, aggression, and brutality they practice, which was evident today in Gaza. He said "There is no friendly approach or real peace with any Arab country in the American and Israeli approaches, nor in their strategies," pointing out that one of the effects of oppression in Gaza is supposed to be an understandin g of the enemy, its criminality, its aggression, and its tyranny. Al-Houthi stated that the program with normalizing countries is not for peace, but rather for interest, destruction and control of countries, indicating that enemies do not want to obtain interests in a legitimate way that takes into account the rights of peoples. Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi pointed out that the Americans are adopting an aggressive colonial outlook to take care of the interests of the Israeli enemy in a way that enables it to control it as its exclusive agent, while the stupidly normalized countries have opened the way for the Israeli enemy to penetrate everything. He explained that through naturalization, the enemy can infiltrate the official apparatus, and there is a broad program to control the normalized countries, and seeks to influence the ideological structure, identity, and belonging in the normalized countries with distorted morals and values. It also seeks demographic change in some normalized countries , within broad programs of control and acquisition. The revolution leader reiterated that the nation has no choice and no escape except through serious action and support of the Palestinian people, and to deal with what builds the nation to confront the danger of enemies, pointing out that the official positions in the Islamic and Arab world are still very weak and do not go beyond statements. Al-Houthi stated that Islamic statements on the Palestinian issue are formulated in a way that the Israeli desires. The position at the popular level: Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi explained that at the popular level, the oppression of the Palestinian people is supposed to have an impact on awareness, awakening conscience, and practical action, and the oppressed peoples are required to take action, even if at the level of boycotting American and Israeli goods and products. He said 'The companies supporting the enemy were supposed to declare bankruptcy due to their reliance on Arab and Islamic markets, and had it not been for the jihad in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon, the enemy would have caused great damage to the nation.' He indicated that the peoples have greater opportunities to act and the blame and responsibility are greater for them. He added, "In the context of great disappointment and negligence, there are fronts of support with the actual position, foremost of which is the Hezbollah front, which continues with quantitative and qualitative momentum, effectiveness, influence, and direct engagement, as a strong support front for the Palestinian people, and directly confronting the Israeli enemy." The revolution leader confirmed that the Iraqi front continues to target the Israeli enemy, and the hope is that its operations will escalate more and more. Source: Yemen News Agency