Two dead and one seriously injured in a shooting crime in Shefa Amr

Nazareth - Together - Two young men, Omar Sawaed and Taher Akkawi, aged 22 and 35, were killed, and another (18 years old) was seriously injured, this evening, Tuesday, in a shooting crime in the city of Shefa Amr within the 48 territories. Photographic documentation showed the arrival of masked armed men on a motorcycle to a store and an exchange of gunfire took place at the place, killing two young men and seriously wounding another. A medical team provided CPR to the two young men, but their deaths were later confirmed after attempts to save their lives failed. The injured person was transferred in serious condition after initial treatment was provided to the hospital. To complete the treatment. With this crime, the death toll in Palestinian society within the 1948 territories has risen to 59 people, including 3 women, in shooting and stabbing crimes since the beginning of this year, while last year recorded an unprecedented toll in murders, in which 228 people were killed, including 16 women. Source : Maan News Agency